Brass Vertical Linear Floor Drain 60mm brass linear floor drain anti-smell floor drain high-quality brass floor drain Vertical brass Floor Drain

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DL10-10F-S (Brass material) CHROME,NICKEL,GUN GRAY 675G BROWN BOX,48PCS/CTN 10-10
DL10-15F-S (Brass material) NICKEL,BLACK 979G BROWN BOX,24PCS/CTN  10-15
DL10-20F-S (Brass material) CHROME,BLACK 1350G BROWN BOX,16PCS/CTN  10-20
DL10-30F-S (Brass material) CHROME,NICKEL,BLACK 2433G BROWN BOX,15PCS/CTN  10-30
DL10-60F-S (Brass material) CHROME,BLACK,GUN GRAY 4428G WOODEN BOX,8PCS/CTN  10-60


Q1:How long does the mold development of your company take? A:According to the drawings provided by the customer, it can be completed in 1-2 months.

Q2:Any famous suppliers of your company?

A:In domestic,we have clients TOTO shop ,LENS shop ,American standard shop,

Grohe shop which all have good reputation in the international market! Q3,Do you have your own brand in domestic market? A: Yes we have brand called”Fengcai”, and we are committed to creating high-end all-copper bathroom hardware products with more precision quality, striving for perfection of product quality and details, creating a comfortable, healthy, environmentally and friendly life for consumers.In the design of civil residence, the kitchen of considerable part, toilet does not set floor drain. Some are the requirements of the construction unit, and some are the designers' own ideas. The reasons are summed up to three: (1) floor drain sends out odor to the room; (2) the joint of floor drain and floor is easy to leak, increasing the maintenance workload; (3) The installation of floor drain increases the cost of the project. In fact, the way that kitchen, toilet does not set floor drain is undesirable. Although it looks like floor drain is small, but its important role in People's Daily life cannot be ignored. Whether the floor drain of kitchen and toilet is set or not will directly affect people's comfortable life, and sometimes even make people's normal life seriously disturbed. Here we have this typical style floor drain,please check out specification!

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