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Poor internal drainage also poses a threat to residents' quality of life and health. Because the residential sewage must contain more insoluble things, and the shortcomings of the current residential indoor drainage design, it is difficult to discharge sediment in time, the possibility of timely cleaning is very small, easy to form blockage.Floor drain should have four characteristics: fast drainage, odor prevention, blockage prevention, easy to clean.Taizhou Daqiu Sanitary ware to improve indoor floor drain those problem is imperative.

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Q1:Do you have your own brand in domestic market? A: Yes we have brand called”Fengcai”, and we are committed to creating high-end all-copper bathroom hardware products with more precision quality, striving for perfection of product quality and details, creating a comfortable, healthy, environmentally and friendly life for consumers. Q2: What are the specific categories of your products Taizhou Daqiu Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Founded in 2003, the company is located in Taizhou Bay New District and occupies nearly 10,000 square meters and has nearly 100 sets of various processing equipment. The production line is complete and the quality control is strict.It specializes in the development, production and sales of 1) brass floor drain 2)  bib cock, 3) angle valves 4) And brass bathroom fittings; Q3: What is your enterprise positioning? We continue to pioneer, running in the most advanced industry development,From technology improvement to professional design, we grow rapidly and soar in the forefront of China's intelligent manufacturing;From seiko to multi-category manufacturing, we continue to research and development, Tour in the forefront of excellent quality;From product innovation, brand building, channel expansion, terminal sales to the new construction of business model peak mining floor drain, leading the non-standard seiko floor drain big future.Item number:------------- DL10-10FJ-08 Size:------------------------- 10cm*10cm Weight:----------------------466g Color:-------------------------1)Chrome ------------------------2)Bronze -- -----------------------3)Nickel --------------------------4)Black Package:----------------------brown box ----------------------48pcs/ctnItem number:------------- DL10-10FJ-09 Size:------------------------- 10cm*10cm Weight:----------------------463g Color:-------------------------1)Chrome ------------------------2)Bronze -- -----------------------3)Nickel Package:----------------------brown box ----------------------48pcs/ctnItem number:------------- DL10-10FJ-10 Size:------------------------- 10cm*10cm Weight:----------------------464g Color:-------------------------1)Chrome ------------------------2)Bronze -- -----------------------3)Nickel -- -----------------------4)Gun gray Package:----------------------brown box ----------------------48pcs/ctnItem number:------------- DL10-10FJ-11 Size:------------------------- 10cm*10cm Weight:----------------------452g Color:-------------------------1)Chrome ------------------------2)Bronze -- -----------------------3)Nickel Package:----------------------brown box ----------------------48pcs/ctn

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