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Looking for a high-quality floor drain that can add stylish elegance to your bathroom or kitchen? Look no further than Taizhou Daqiu Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. as your go-to supplier and manufacturer for Brass Square Tile Insert Floor Drains in China. Our drains are made of premium brass material, ensuring durability and long-term use. The square tile insert design fits perfectly with any type of flooring, making it a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition to your living space. The removable basket feature allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic environment in your home. With our commitment to quality, we guarantee that our Brass Square Tile Insert Floor Drains are resistant to corrosion and offer excellent performance for years to come. Choose Taizhou Daqiu Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. as your trusted factory for Brass Square Tile Insert Floor Drains in China and enhance the beauty and functionality of your bathroom and kitchen today.

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  • Introducing our durable, functional, and stylish Brass Square Tile Insert Floor Drain, designed to complement modern bathroom and shower floor designs seamlessly. Made of high-quality brass, this drain is built to last, withstand regular use, and resist rust and corrosion over time. Our Brass Square Tile Insert Floor Drain features a unique and contemporary design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your floor. It comes with a removable tile insert that can be removed effortlessly for cleaning, ensuring a clog-free drainage system. With its square shape and size, the drain can fit various tile sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect tile for your bathroom or shower. Easy to install, this floor drain is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. Its compact and sleek design ensures that water is drained quickly and efficiently, leaving your bathroom or shower dry and clean. The drain's superior build quality and durability guarantee long-lasting use without compromising on quality. Enhance the look of your bathroom or shower floor with our Brass Square Tile Insert Floor Drain, a perfect addition to any modern-day bathroom design. With its unique style, flawless functionality, and cost-effective price, this floor drain is a great investment that will stand the test of time.
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